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If you are interested in joining or learning more about our research, please reach out!



Principal Investigator

  • Karthik Shekhar​ [CV]

Postdoctoral scholar co-workers

  • Dr. H​yeongjoo Row (PhD, California Institute of Technology)

Graduate student co-workers

  • Salwan Butrus (CBE, 4th year) [CV]

  • Alhad Deshpande (CBE, 3rd year) [CV(co-advised by Prof. Mandadapu)

  • Joshua Fernandes  (CBE, 2nd year) (co-advised by Prof. Mandadapu)

  • Joshua Hahn​ (CBE, 4th year) [CV]

  • Kushal Nimkar​ (CBE, 2nd year)

  • Matthew Po (CBE, 1st year)

  • Dario Tommasini (Neuroscience, 1st year)

Undergraduate student co-workers

  • Daanyal Saeed (UG researcher, Statistics)

  • Ayush Kumar (UG researcher, CBE)

Collaborating co-workers

  • Rachana Deven Somaiya (postdoctoral scholar, Feller lab)

  • Saumya Jain (postdoctoral scholar, Zipursky lab)

  • Hannah Monday (postdoctoral scholar, Feldman lab)

  • Aboozar Monavarfeshani (postdoctoral scholar, Sanes lab)

  • Juyoun Yoo (graduate student, Zipursky lab)

  • Nicole Tsai (graduate student, Duan lab)

Collaborating PIs: Sandro Da Mesquita (Mayo Clinic), Xin Duan (UCSF), Daniel Feldman (UC Berkeley), Marla Feller (UC Berkeley), Kranthi K. Mandadapu (UC Berkeley), Milica Margeta (MEEI),  Joshua R. Sanes (Harvard), Joshua T. Trachtenberg (UCLA), Nicholas Tran (Baylor College of Medicine), Humsa Venkatesh (BWH), and Larry Zipursky (UCLA). 


  • Jeff King (Faculty Support Admin, CBE)

  • Jamie Tafoya (Research Admin, BEST)

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