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(April 2022) Joshua Fernandes receives the Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship (DOE CSGF). Congratulations Josh!

(April 2022) Alhad Deshpande receives the National Science Foundation Graduate Graduate Research Fellowship (NSF GRF). Congratulations Alhad! 

(March 2022) Karthik gave a presentation on single-cell transcriptomics of the retina to clincian scientists at Tata Memorial Center (ACTREC), Mumbai.

(March 2022) Paper on postmitotic diversification of mouse retinal ganglion cells is published in eLife.

(March 2022) Karthik is selected as a finalist for the Rita Allen Foundation scholars program, and presents his work to the Scientific Advisory Committee

(January 2022) Sal's paper on postnatal development of the visual cortex is published in Cell. Fantastic collaboration with the Zipursky lab at UCLA. Check out News and Views by Puiggros and Jabaudon in Nature and press release by the College of Chemistry.

(December 2021) Karthik gave a talk on neural development in the visual cortex at Genentech. 

(November 2021) Sal presents at the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) 2021 meeting, and wins the SfN Trainee Professional Development Award. Congratulations Sal!

(November 2021) Karthik and Josh Hahn give talks at the AIChE 2021 meeting in Boston. Karthik spoke at the session in honor of his PhD advisor Arup Chakraborty's 60th birthday.

(October 2021) Preprint on diversification of mouse retinal ganglion cells is online on biorxiv.

(October 2021) CBE graduate students Joshua Fernandes and Kushal Nimkar join the group. Welcome!

(October 2021) Karthik gives a talk at the UC Berkeley Neuroscience retreat, and Sal gives a talk at the Center for Computational Biology Retreat. 

(October 2021) Sal Butrus and Josh Hahn pass their PhD qualifying exams and advance to candidacy. Congratulations!

(August 2021) Sal's preprint on experience-dependent development of the visual cortex is now online on biorxiv

(July 2021) Review on transcriptomic analysis of the vertebrate retina is now online in Annual Reviews of Vision Science. Co-authored with Prof. Josh Sanes.  

(May 2021) The group meets in person for the first time to go bowling in Alameda! (L-R : Srikant, Josh, Jason, Karthik, Pedro, Sal, Alhad; PC: Zach Hoffman) 


(May 2021) The group's first undergraduate researcher Srikant Sagireddy is awarded a College of Chemistry Senior Undergraduate Research Award. Srikant will be starting as a PhD student in Stanford University in Fall 2021. 

(April 2021) Karthik delivers an invited talk at "Solving Neurodegeneration: Catalyst Meeting" organized by the Glaucoma Research Foundation.

(March 2021)  Salwan Butrus wins the best talk award at the 2021 CCB Computational & Genomic Biology Retreat. Congrats Sal!

(March 2021)  CCB graduate student Prakruthi Burra rotates with us! Welcome Prakruthi!


(February 2021)  Group hike in the Berkeley fire trails! (L-R: Sal, Jason, Karthik, Josh)

(February 2021)  Paper on zebrafish retinal ganglion cells is published in Neuron. Terrific collaboration with Herwig Baier's group! Featured by Vision Research as one of the highlights of the year.

(December 2020)  Karthik speaks about the group's recent work at the QB3 Science lunch.

(November 2020)  Karthik delivers an invited lecture at the Opthalmology Grand Rounds at Stanford Byers Eye Institute.

(November 2020)  Both Sal and Josh present virtual posters at the AIChE meeting 2020.

(November 2020)  CBE graduate students Alhad Deshpande and Pedro Guimares join the lab. Both Alhad and Pedro will be co-advised by Prof. Kranthi Mandadapu

(October 2020)  Undergraduate researchers Zaid Ahmad (Mathematics and Statistics) and Jason Hou (CBE) join the group!

(September 2020)  Karthik delivers an invited lecture at a Society for Neuroscience virtual session on "Development and Regeneration in Neural Circuits (organizers: Profs. Marla Feller and Zhigang He)"

(July 2020)  Preprint on Zebrafish retinal ganglion cells is out on biorxivJosh contributed all the computational work on this project!

(July 2020)  We are now supported by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to participate in efforts to map an atlas of the healthy human eye!

(June 2020)  Papers describing cell atlases of the human retina and the aqueous humor outflow pathways in the eye have been published in Scientific Reports and PNAS. These were a collaboration with the Sanes lab.

(Mar 2020)  CBE seniors Shawn Koong and Srikant Sagireddy join the group as undergraduate reseachers!

(Jan 2020)  Ramen and beer at Ippudo, Berkeley! (L-R: Josh, Sal, Karthik, Jeff, Jesse)

L-R (clockwise): Josh, Sal, Karthik, Jeff and Jesse

(Jan 2020)  MCB student Jesse Dunnack will be rotating with us. Welcome Jesse!

(Jan 2020)  Karthik is co-teaching a new CBE elective on statistics and machine learning for chemical engineers with Prof. Ali Mesbah. Check out the syllabus here

(Jan 2020)  The lab opens for business in Stanley Hall!

(Dec 18, 2019)  Postdoctoral work on defining selective vulnerabilities of injured retinal ganglion cells is out in Neuron. Check out commentary here.

(Dec 2019)  Karthik will be giving an invited talk at the ASCB workshop on "Recent Advances in Single-Cell Transcriptomics" on 12/10/2019 in Washington, D. C.

(Oct 2019)  CBE graduate students Salwan Butrus and Joshua Hahn join the lab. Welcome Sal and Josh!

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