(July 2020)  Preprint on Zebrafish retinal ganglion cells is out on biorxivJosh contributed all the computational work on this project!

(July 2020)  We are now supported by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to participate in efforts to map an atlas of the healthy human eye!

(June 2020)  Papers describing cell atlases of the human retina and the aqueous humor outflow pathways in the eye have been published in Scientific Reports and PNAS. These were a collaboration with the Sanes lab.

(Mar 2020)  CBE seniors Shawn Koong and Srikant Sagireddy join the group as undergraduate reseachers!

(Jan 2020)  Ramen and beer at Ippudo, Berkeley! (L-R: Josh, Sal, Karthik, Jeff, Jesse)

(Jan 2020)  MCB student Jesse Dunnack will be rotating with us. Welcome Jesse!

(Jan 2020)  Karthik is co-teaching a new CBE elective on statistics and machine learning for chemical engineers with Prof. Ali Mesbah. Check out the syllabus here

(Jan 2020)  The lab opens for business in Stanley Hall!

(Dec 18, 2019)  Postdoctoral work on defining selective vulnerabilities of injured retinal ganglion cells is out in Neuron. Check out commentary here.

(Dec 2019)  Karthik will be giving an invited talk at the ASCB workshop on "Recent Advances in Single-Cell Transcriptomics" on 12/10/2019 in Washington, D. C.

(Oct 2019)  CBE graduate students Salwan Butrus and Joshua Hahn join the lab. Welcome Sal and Josh!

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